Dawn's first client of A Beautiful Body Project has shared her story! Dawn's photographs and her story are now on the ABBP web site! Please read 20 Year Chronology Of Judgment: Dianelly’s Story.

We are pleased announce that Dawn Richardson, the co-owner of Behr | Richardson Photography, has been selected as an official "A Beautiful Body Project" photographer. This is a project which will allow Dawn to share her story and those of many other women. The following is an excerpt from the "A Beautiful Body Project" web site www.abeautifulbodyproject.org:

"A Beautiful Body Project is a non-profit organization with a mission to be the largest source of recorded women’s voices about their bodies and their lives in the world, through unretouched images, videos, podcasts, and written essays.

Women’s voices are coming together to speak to the complex realities many women around the globe face having to do with birth, aging, cancer, eating disorders, breast feeding, c-sections, miscarriage, loss, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and beyond.

A Beautiful Body Project is a multi-media platform where women can heal, find others who have journeyed through similar challenges, realize they aren’t alone, and show future generations of boys and girls a source of media that isn’t controlled by corporate interests, using digital body alterations to change how women look, and actually build healthy self-esteem in future generations of women."

We will be waiving session fees for our photographic subjects involved in ABBP. Please visit our contact page or call 817-907-4770 for more information.